Download Android App - Librarian Guide Educational Academy

Dear Learners,

Happy to let you all know that "Librarian Guide Educational Academy" has its own Android App now. 

This app contains free video and PDF contents. In addition to this, you can also chat through app directly with the  coordinator of the program. 

This app will have live webinar link whenever any program is conducted.  

You can directly join through the link available. 

You shall get the FREE Video / PDF contents by clicking on the left side (top left corner). 

So, download the app and Keep learning, keep growing. 

The same can be downloaded at:

You can also download the App on Google Play Store at 

Please drop the message, if you face any difficulty in installing it. 

The content addition is in progress and soon it will have more contents in it. 

Thanking you all for your kind support and cooperation. 


Librarian Guide Educational Academy