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Do we really deserve to be known as Information Manager/Librarian in Digital Era?

Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, also known as the ‘Father of Library Science in India’ propounded the five laws of library science in 1928 which was later published in the year 1931 in the form of a Book. The law says:

1. Books are for use

2. Every reader his/her book

3. Every book its reader

4. Save the time of the reader

5. The library is a growing organism

Every law has its implications and as per each implication, the ‘SERVICE’ is the key point for any kind of library.

As per the first law ‘Books are for use’, the books available in the library are for use. In another way, if we analyze then it means that books in libraries should not be kept away from the user and it has to be utilized. Then only the first law will be satisfied. There are also some related issues with the term USE such as the physical location of the library, library timings, circulation policy, furniture, and qualified staff.

As per the second law ‘Every reader his/her book’ means ‘Books for All’. The meaning says that every reader should get the books required.

As per the third law, ‘Every book its reader’, it mainly focuses on DOCUMENTS which says that each document in the library has its own reader. Now, it is up-to libraries to find out the methods to attract readers so that each document finds its reader. The most useful method was suggested ‘Open Shelving’ where the readers will be free from any restrictions in order to reach any particular document.

As per the fourth law ‘Save the time of the reader’, the library and its staff are mainly responsible for the recognition of the excellence of the library by meeting the needs of library users efficiently. In another way, we can say that library users should get their books/information quickly as per their demand. It means the staff should have strong skills for reference, technical services and also easy circulation of documents.

As per the fifth law, ‘The library is a growing organism’, the library should be continually changing place for the growth of qualified staff, physical size and collection of the library, and uses of resources effectively.

Due to the advent of technology, the scenario of libraries has changed and many new changes have taken place in libraries everywhere. Now, we are equipped with high-end technological tools with the capability to provide high-end services and highly qualified staff with infrastructure. In other words, over a period of time, we have slowly shifted to the digital world. But, still, the question remains in the mind that

“Do we really deserve to be known as Information Managers/Librarians?”

Are we really providing the services to our library users as per their expectations?

Please check!

DP Tripathi

NIT Jalandhar