• A positive and flexible with the qualities of a result-driven, output strategist, focused, responsive service-oriented, and experienced in handling the multi-task with identifying practical and effective solutions in the digital era and able to set beneficial standards for self and organization for infrastructural improvements.
  • Passionate about technologies and implementation in real environments such as automation, digitization, web application, multimedia, making quality education videos, and solving complex challenges with best practices.
  • Excellent communicator, promoter, and trainer with liaising ability, decision-making, leadership, and new initiative & services
  • Active in national consortia and associations for effective initiatives and changes throughout the nation.
  • Positive and flexible in working with a large team with mentoring, leadership qualities & good interpersonal skills.
  • Dedication, sincerity, innovation, teamwork capability, and enthusiasm to learn new things in library and information technology and adopt the same in the work environment.