Welcome to Librarian Guide!


Librarian Guide is a platform where practical knowledge is shared about different tools and technologies available for library and information science students & librarians. There are many tools available in open source as well as paid categories to enhance library services to benefit the academic output. 

The Librarian Guide provides the self-learning video tutorial for students and teachers on different topics such as: 

  1. Library Automation software i.e. Koha
  1. Digital Library Software i.e. DSpace
  1. Web Designing Content Management System i.e. Joomla, WordPress
  1. Reference Management Tools i.e. Mendeley & Zotero
  1. Open Journal System (OJS)
  1. Subject Plus
  1. Turnitin
  1. Grammarly
  1. Different Applications Useful for Library

DP Tripathi